9 thoughts on “What did you think of the Half-Blood Prince?”

  1. i think you will find out more about harrys dad and also i want to let everyone know that harrys parents can not be dead because harry was not able to see the thesterals until the 5 book and he definetly saw them die

  2. Well, I must say I want to know more about the sordid history between McGonagall and Dumbledore. How close have they been? How far did it get way back in their college days?

    Ahhh, when they were just young wizards… what power romance must have had over these two icons of Hogwarts.


  3. I agree with fenrir. I have been thinking every day and night why Harry couldn’t see the Thestrals untill he witnessed Cedric die in book four. I also agree with the original statement. Aunt Petunia was scared when she recieved that howler and I really want to know more about her as well.

  4. I think it’s just that harry did not actually see his mom or dad die because he was, after all, about one year old at the time of the murdering. Being a baby, I suspect him of doing what babies do: disregard practically every situation, eat, sleep, and/or poop. Yes I know you’re astonished at the incredibly well thought out idea; but I have to admit that I’m an American! Haha…

  5. Have I told you about the deleted scenes in the goblet of fire movie? I especially think you guys will be interested in the stuff I dug up from the bathroom scene…. Let’s just say all of those girls who obsess themselves with Daniel Radcliffe (if that is how to spell his name) are going to be very dissapointed (Michelle Ciambella…)

  6. Would you like a smoke and a pancake?…Cigarette on a waffle?…Pipe and a crepe?…Bongand a blitz?…then I guess there is no pleasing you, just like Harry Potter’s “partners.” (what I mean is that Daniel Radcliffe’s “wand” is in need of a “tune up” because Harry’s “engorgio” charm isn’t working very well”) Heeeeeeeheeeeeheeeee….

  7. I agree with fenrir…I’ve always wondered why Harry couldn’t see the thestrals until Cedric died when he apparently saw his parents die. But I’ve been on JkR’s official website and she says that they really are dead. AHHHH! I need to know!

  8. well one thought that i had when i finished the book was -who the heck was R.A.B?
    anyways i think that i found out. i think that it is Regulus Black. . . . u know sirous black’s brother? this is because when i read through the series again that was the only name that fit. If u want to find out more then just read the fifth book again when they are at the Black house and they are cleaning up the rooms

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