Muggle postmen strike on wrong weekend

The Muggle Royal Mail’s post-delivering men, or “postmen” if you will, were in disarray today after going on strike on the wrong weekend.

They had planned to down tools during the release of book seven in the Harry Potter series, also known as the Weekend of the Dislocated Shoulder, when they would be required to walk the streets delivering books to people who gave their credit card numbers to

However, the current inclement weather caused the strike to be brought forward to give the posties a break from the rain. The union official leading the revolt said, “It’s so grey and wet so I started the strike early. I forgot why we had set it for 21 July though. Now we will have to deliver the books after all.”

The official has now joined another protagonist known only as “JKR” under police protection after threats from colleagues.

2 thoughts on “Muggle postmen strike on wrong weekend”

  1. Well good try but legally we could not have our first strike any later than 29 Jun 07 because of the law. Also there was talk in the Union of actually making sure we didn’t strike on the day the new book is released as we did not want to disappoint Potter Fans.

    We did also try to contact the HeadHootmaster of the Owl Post to see if we could arrange for extra owls to be on duty but I guess they work nights because we could never get hold of him.

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